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Subtraction within 10 Games and Activities

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ntroduce students to subtraction with games and practice pages. Using a variety of tools including dominoes, numbers lines, and subtraction pictures, your students will be subtracting within 10 in no time! These subtraction within 10 activities are great for whole group and small group instruction and are designed to meet first grade standards! Practice pages, games, and activities for subtraction within 10. Some activities include fall theme. Includes practice for : *Writing number sentences *Vertical and horizontal subtraction (dominoes) *True and false *Subtraction to solve for missing addend *Subtraction using a number line *Subtraction facts (game) This set is designed to meet grade 1 CCSS math standards but may be appropriate for some K or second graders. This pack has very similar activities and format to the addition within 10 activities (some of the games and activities even just have different definitions). This helps to provide familiar format, and also helps students to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.

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