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Little Red Hen Literacy Activities - Fairy Tales - Printable and Digital

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Practice identifying story parts, retelling/ sequencing, character traits, and opinion response with these Little Red Hen unit activities. Extend the learning with more literacy and math activities as students practice ABC Order, letter scrambles, and more!

Now includes digital components using Google Slides as well. You will find a link to your slides version on page 2 of your PDF when you purchase and download this resource.

This resource Includes Little Red Hen:

*Vocabulary word wall cards

*Story mat retelling craftivity to practice story parts, sequencing, and oral retell

*mini retelling booklet (with and without guiding pictures) for students to write a summary/ retell

*Retelling cut and glue- this typed in version of the story is great for differentiation of the retelling booklet as students can cut and sequence the story events and glue them right in over the writing space.

*Summary Writing

*Character web and writing pages

*Theme/ lesson organizer and writing page

*Narrative and opinion prompts

*Literacy Extension- ABC order, Scrambled letter, & 2 make a list activities

*Math Extension- Roll and color (Numbers to 6 and addition to 12 version) and Solve and Write the Room (2 versions- counting and adding within 10)

Most writing pages are offered in two line sizes.

Please check out the preview for a sampling of this resource to see if it is just right for your students as you read The Little Red Hen.

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