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Click Clack Moo & Cows

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Click Clack Moo and Cows- Paired text mini unit for fiction and informational. Use this resource with Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type and any informational book, video, or presentation about cows. Includes: *Favorite Part Writing (Click Clack Moo) *Character Problems- writing/Drawing (Click Clack Moo) *Connections- Write about something you want... (Click Clack Moo) *Character Traits- All About the Cows and All About Farmer Brown. Web organizers and writing page for each. (Click Clack Moo) *Retell/Summary (Click Clack Moo) *All About Cows Web (Informational) *1 page report (can, have, are, picture)- one with lines, one without. (Informational) *All About Cows Writing page (Informational) *Opinion- Do you think cows are helpful? (Informational) *Blank Cow Writing page with title line (Informational) *Label It- Basic labeling- hoof, horn, ear, tail ( (Informational) *Venn Diagram to compare fiction and Informational (Click Clack Moo and Informational)

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