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Christmas Literacy Centers

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Keep students engaged the week before winter holiday break with these 5 Christmas themed literacy centers, perfect for kindergarten and first graders. Practice building sentences, writing to describe a Christmas tree, write about a favorite story, and more with this center resource! Each center also includes a student instruction sheet with a sample so students can work more independently during center time.

Centers include Christmas Themed:

Silly Sentence Center (blackline and color version)

Print the cards on cardstock, students choose one card from each pile to build a silly sentence. 2 recording sheets offer an opportunity for students to write and illustrate 1 or 3 sentences. This one is sure to get some laughs!

Christmas Word mini book center

Read the Christmas vocabulary word, illustrate it, and then cut and staple to create a Christmas Words booklet. I have also included word wall/ vocab cards for each of the words included. These may help students with this task, but can also be used with many other activities at this time of year.

I have also included a read and match practice sheet using some of the vocab included.

Decorate and Describe

Draw, paint, or decorate the tree template using whichever materials you'd like to in your classroom. Then students can write about their tree using the full or half page template. Extend the lesson by reading the descriptions and guessing which tree belongs to each student, or use the venn diagram included to compare trees with a partner. This also makes for a great bulletin board!

My Favorite Holiday Story Center

This center is the one that just keeps on giving! Place holiday books in a basket or direct students to where you keep the holiday books in your classroom. Students can listen to or read holiday stories and then write about their favorite one. This center can be done on their own, as part of a listening center, or with a partner.

Letter Writing Center templates

4 fun Christmas themed card designs offer a fun writing center opportunity. Print 2 sided to include a basic letter writing template on the inside.


2 Cut & Paste scrambled sentences

5 designs of dotted line paper to write or respond to any of the included centers, or to use with any center you already use in your classroom. These papers can even be used to make writing journals.

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