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Little Red Riding Hood Literacy Activities - Fairy Tale

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Practice retelling/ sequencing, summarizing, and writing about characters with this Little Red Riding Hood activity unit. Extend learning with ABC Order, letter scramble, and math extension activities as well! You can also compare the traditional Little Red Riding Hood story with one of the many other versions.

There is a link on page 2 of the file PDF to the digital version of this resource offered in Google Slides.

The pack includes:

*Color cut and glue character and setting pieces for a retell activity. Offered in black and white and color (great for retelling center or creating teacher sample).

*Character/ vocab cards

*Little Red Riding Hood retell mini book- offered in 2 versions- one with clipart images to guide retell and one with blank picture spaces and just "first, then, next finally on the pages).

*Summarize the traditional story (one blank and one with first, then, next, finally)

*summarize another version (one with lines, one with first, then, next, finally)

*Character web for Little Red and the Wolf

*Writing pages to write about Little Red and the Wolf

*Venn Diagram to compare Little Red and the Wolf

*Venn Diagram to compare versions

*Opinion organizer- Which version do you like best. One scaffolded version, one blank organizer

*Writing pages for favorite version- 2 line sizes

*List things that are red.

*Make words using the letters in "Little Red Riding Hood" - includes second page with letter cards. Print on card stock for hands on manipulative to complete letter scramble activity

*ABC order

*Favorite Part write and draw page

*2 bonus math activities

*roll and color (2 versions)

  • 1 add and color sums of 10 to create a path

  • 1 color numbers in counting order to make a path

Note that there are versions with the man labeled as a hunter and as a woodcutter to meet the needs of most common versions.

I have also included 3 pages of the product in an additional editable .pptx file. It includes the two pages of character cards where you can edit the name of the man, the grandmother (granny, grandma etc) and the house. The more common character cards have remained labeled in this file and are not editable. Also included is the prewritten cut and paste retell in case you'd like to type the story parts at the level of your students or need it to match a certain version.

Because this file includes a PDF with the original and the additional editable bonus pages, it is a .zip file.

Please check out the preview for a sampling of the activities to see if this pack is just right for your class.

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