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Solve and Write the Room Math - First Grade Bundle

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This bundle includes 18 math center resources for practicing skills throughout the year in first grade at a 30% savings (regularly priced $36) These fun task cards can be hung around the room to practice first grade math skills! This bundle offers the same or similar recording sheets (and the same graphics for each version) so students can be working on the skill that is just right for them! From counting, to adding and subtracting, to telling time and even measurement, this bundle is sure to meet the needs of your first graders during math time! These resources provide engaging math practice across the grade 1 standards. Each included set has 2 different versions to practice the skill. Sometimes the skill level differs between the two versions, and sometimes there is just a second additional practice activity! Currently Includes: *Counting to 10 & Number Writing (Counting and number word versions) *Teen Numbers (Equation and ten frame versions) *Addition within 10 (basic facts, and counting on with a number line) *Addition within 20 (Count on 1,2, or 3 using a number line, and addends to 9) -Subtract within 10 *Telling Time (Hour & Half Hour) *Fractions (halves and fourths) *2D and 3D Shapes (mixed practice) *Subtraction within 20 *adding 3 numbers *Doubles and Near Doubles- Addition within 10 and 20 *Missing addends (within 10 and 20) *Money & Coins (including skip counting by 5 and 10) *Adding and subtracting by 10s within 100. *Addition within 100 *Fact families -(addition and subtraction to 20) *Place Value to 100 *measurement (using included "paperclip ruler" non standard measurement tool) Please check the preview to see if this resource is just right for your class!

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