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Novel Study for Knight at Dawn

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Delve into comprehension and discussion with this The Knight at Dawn Novel Study. Chapter questions, vocabulary activities, and character study activities will guide your students through the text. Extend learning with informational research companion materials to use with any book or video you have about Medieval times. Includes: *Comprehension Journal cover *one page of questions for each chapter- 3 questions and a prediction space *2 versions of a one page "Chapter Map"- with blank boxes and lined boxes included for both versions *Vocabulary Connections (3 vocab words per chapter)- One page per chapter included. Students read the word in the context of the story, then answer the question to make a connection to the word. *Cut and Glue Vocabulary Match- Great for Before, During, and After reading. Predict the definition, then find the definition by reading . Includes one per chapter, *What do you think? - Opinion writing graphic organizer and writing pages (2 line sizes)- *Character Traits- Graphic organizer and writing paper (2 line sizes) for Jack and Annie *Venn Diagram to compare Jack and Annie *Summary Writing (2 line sizes) to use after reading the whole book, or to summarize a chapter *Write and Draw Favorite Part- 2 line sizes. This can also be used after each chapter or after reading the entire story. *Medieval Times-Sheet to use the book to find facts about Medieval Extension Activities:Read any other book about Medieval times. Use any informational book with the following included materials: *Medieval Research Guide (same format as the Medieval Facts page included, but to be used with informational book) *Medieval fact mini book- Print double sided. Includes one side drawing page and one side fact recording page. Most materials are appropriate for second grade, but could also be used for some first graders, and some third graders.

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