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Diphthong Practice aw au - Digital Component for Distance Learning

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Chant, practice, sort, and play as you practice the Diphthongs aw and au. The digital version created using Google Slides will help your students access this resource during long term school closures for distance learning or as a technology center if you choose! Vocabulary cards, posters, and word sort activities provide your students with practice reading and writing words with the au and aw dipthongs! Includes: *2 full page posters with the diphthong, anchor word (chant to teach students included on the last page) *2 practice pages per diphthong and one mixed practice page *Silly sentence practice *sort and record au vs aw *aw/ au no prep print and play partner game/activity * word cards with matching pictures for sorting and matching DIGITAL COMPONENT: This digital component has been added as a complimentary addition to this resource at this time. This component has not been considered in the pricing of this resource, but is added to assist you with preparing distance learning opportunities for your students. The digital part of this resource includes 14 slides which can be used interactively using Google Slides on a computer (this does not work as well on a laptop because of the drag and drop nature of the shapes). There is a link in the second page of this PDf which will prompt you to make a copy to save to your drive. You can then assign or send additional copies you make to individual students. Directions and movable pieces are off to the side of the "page" on the slide so your students have a workspace. The slides contain : *Chant posters (1 for au and 1 for aw)- This is the same as the print packet *Outline the chunk and read the word (comparable to print vocab cards) *Sort the pictures and words into au or aw (comparable to word sort) *Drag and drop the word to match the picture (similar to a suggested use of vocab cards) *Type the aw or au chunk in the blank. Then drag the line to match the picture. *Type the word next to the picture using the word bank. *Make a silly sentence (with picture vocab cards and work space) *3 in a row game to print or use digitally with a shared computer/ mouse.

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