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Hansel and Gretel Story Activities

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Engage in comprehension in a fun and supported way as you read Hansel and Gretel with your kindergarten and first graders. They'll practice retelling, learning about characters, and determining the theme or lesson. Supporting vocabulary or word wall cards help to support reading and writing activities for this fun story. We always love reading this story around holiday or Christmas time when we are learning all about Gingerbread and winter activities, but it can also be used all year long! This pack is a great companion to reading Hansel and Gretel. Most of the materials pair well with the version with a witch, however, the retelling mat and vocab pages also have an old woman. The old woman could also be used as the step mother if you read that version of the story when you do the retelling. Includes: *retelling pieces (create a setting and retell) *retelling mini book ( one version with pictures to support version of the story where the children become "lost" in the woods. Another version has blank pages to support any version) *Compare and write about characters (web and writing pages) for Hansel, Gretel, Witch, Old Lady, Father, Step Mother *opinion writing prompt *summary page *lesson learned and problem solution page *vocab cards with characters and setting pieces (choose the pieces that match your version of Hansel and Gretel) *narrative writing prompt *Write an advice letter page Note that this resource was designed with a more tame version of the story in mind, but alternate and additional pieces as well as blank versions of many of the activities have been provided so it can be used with many different versions of the story. Additionally, this product includes multiple line sizes for you to choose the one that's best for your students. This has been considered when pricing this 82 page product.

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