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St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun House Math Project Bundle

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Your students will love this differentiated bundle as they practice designing a leprechaun house! Then you can choose your version to have students either count the size of the rooms, or calculate the area and perimeter of each room! With literacy extensions the learning will go on past math time!

K-1- Design A Leprechaun House- Counting Project

Your kindergarten and first graders will feel extra lucky this St. Patrick's Day as they design the greenprint for a leprechaun house. Plan, draw the outline of rooms,and choose from one of three grid sizes to draw the outline of each room. Count the number of "squares" or "boxes" that makes up each room! This is like a basic counting application of area for young learners! With fun literacy extensions, your students will keep learning with this St. Patrick's Day Math project!


*Student directions

*3 grid sizes for greenprints

*sample on each grid size

*recording sheet

*4 point checklist

Literacy Extensions:

*Draw and write about leprechaun life

*Make a real estate ad

*Letter to a leprechaun

This resource is also included in my Leprechaun House Bundle with the Area and Perimeter version of this activity!

Leprechaun House- Area and Perimeter Version

Practice are and perimeter by Designing a Leprechaun house with a "greenprint" for St.Patrick's Day. Students use this creative and seasonally relevant assignment to

practice area and perimeter as well as literacy connections! With a modeled sample, lesson materials, and a scoring rubric, this math activity is all you'll need!

Students design a house on "graph" paper and must determine the area and perimeter of each room.


*Student directions

*2 samples/models(one simple & one advanced) for the area & perimeter activity & recording sheet (These samples can also be used with blank recording sheets for students to practice calculating before they begin working!)


*3 "box" sizes on "greenprint" page for differentiation

*Recording sheet

*3 ideas for extension activities (materials enclosed)

-Use a partner's paper to solve for area and perimeter

-A letter to a leprechaun

  • Draw and write about inside a room in the leprechaun house

*Note that the literacy extensions in both versions of the resource are the same, however the 2 versions have different line sizes for response for some of the literacy extensions.

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