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Bubble Science and STEM Activity - Print & Digital

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Engage your kindergarten, first grade, or second grade students with bubble science fun. They'll explore hands on with bubbles and then make observations, ask and explore wondering questions, and even complete a STEM project to build a bubble wand.


*KWL chart for Bubbles (2 options for student response)

*3 Bubble observation pages for different tasks

*3 Venn Diagrams to compare different bubbles

*How to make bubbles writing (you could also have students explore with how to make bubbles, but a recipe is included at the end)

*Make Your Own Bubble Wand- Mini STEM challenge with teaching notes, KWL chart and observation page.

On the bottom of page 2 you'll find a link to a Google Slides File with the following components:

*Bubble KWL Chart

*Bubble Observation page (with suggestions for observations)

*Bubble Venn Diagram (2)

*Bubble Recipe & More bubble fun suggestions

*Make your own Bubble observation page

*Bubble Wand STEM activity directions

*Bubble Wand KWL

*Bubble Wand observation page

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