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Diphthongs Practice ou ow - Print & Digital Component for Distance Learning

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Practice diphthongs ou and ow with print and digitally accessible Google Slides ideal for Distance Learning. Your students can chant, practice, sort and play along. Use the included word cards like flashcards, for a matching game, or to sort. These worksheets are an extra fun touch for students during literacy centers!

Chant, practice, sort, and play!

Digital Activities Created using Google Slides include:

*Chant posters (full slide) with the chant directions to the side.

*Drag the box to box the ou/ow, then read the word

*Drag and drop to match the word to the picture

*Type the chunk in the blank, drag the line to match the picture to the word.

*Use the word bank to type the word.

*Silly Sentence (Type sentences with 2 words. Word bank pieces to the side of the slide)

*Printable Word Search (this is NOT digitally interactive, however I have included in in the slides version for printing convenience for those who may want to print it for extra practice).

Using The Digital Version- You will find a link to the Google Slides file on the second page of your PDF. There you will also find some directions. You will be prompted to make a copy to your drive. All directions and movable parts are to the side of the slide. You can edit only the direction text, the activity page text is not editable. You can then assign this activity using Google Classroom by making a copy for each student. I have also included directions in the PDF for how to assign only parts of this set to your class.

Includes PRINT practice for the diphthongs ou/ow:

*2 full page posters with the diphthong, anchor word (chant to teach students included on the last page)

*2 practice pages per diphthong

and one mixed practice page

*Silly sentence practice

*sort and record (ow/ou)

*ou/ow word search activity

  • word cards with matching pictures for sorting and matching

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