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Jack and the Beanstalk Literacy Activities -Fairy Tale

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Practice identifying story parts, retelling or sequencing, character traits, and opinion response with these Jack and the Beanstalk unit activities. Now includes some of the activities in digital format using Google Slides to support distance learning and long term school closures. Extend the learning with more literacy and math activities as students practice ABC Order, letter scrambles, and a magic bean math game! This unit includes: Retell Craftivity- Black/white AND color pieces to cut and glue to create a setting and color cut and glue characters to make Popsicle stick puppets to move along the setting as they retell! The color pieces are great for making a sample or creating the set for students to use in a retelling center! Vocabulary cards- Common words and characters from the story are included on vocabulary cards. Great to support the enclosed writing activities. *Write a Retell book- Students use the "first, then, next, after that, finally" template to complete a retell mini book. 2 versions are offered- one with the clipart pictures to write and color, and one with blank pages (great for differentiation). *Write a summary of Jack and the Beanstalk page *write a summary of another version of Jack and the Beanstalk *Character trait web and writing *Venn Diagram to compare the characters *Venn Diagram to compare versions of the tale. *Graphic organizers and writing pages to write about which version of Jack and the Beanstalk you like best. *My Beanstalk Adventure- Narrative writing prompt *Beanstalk word scramble *abc order *favorite part *Magic Bean Bump!- Number and addition versions DIGITAL COMPONENT-This component is included as a complimentary little treat for you (it has not been considered in the pricing of this resource) to support you to use some parts of it for distance learning. All activities are not offered, however, the following activities are offered via a shared link to Google Slides. *Teaching Notes- For you to let your students or families know what to do, or to include a link to the story. *Vocabulary cards- Practice identifying and reading vocabulary words. Suggested questions included. *Printable story mat pieces (while these are printable and cannot be used strictly digitally, this format makes it easier to assign these resources to your students. Additionally, this activity supports the following 2 activities) *Drag and Drop Retell (Not included in the printable version, but is comparable to the cut and paste retelling booklet) *Type a summary with guide words *Character web for Jack and the Giant and a typing page *Magic Bean narrative writing prompt (students type) *Beanstalk word scramble (with movable pieces) *Beanstalk roll and color (another thing that must be printed but is easily assigned for those who would like to use it)

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