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Voice Levels Chart and Practice

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Are your kindergarten, first graders or second graders chatty? Direct instruction in appropriate voice levels can help to proactively address this noise problem! The included suggested launch activities included suggest ways you can practice using each voice level and supplementary materials to do these activities is included! Word wall cards are great to cue appropriate voice levels, to use on an anchor chart, or even a matching game! A booklet all about voice levels is offered with 2 different choices for pages. Voice level language included is: Silent Voice Whisper Voice Group Work (Quiet Chatting) Outdoor Singing Presenting and Shouting Includes: *6 suggested practice lessons (outdoor voices and shouting are combined) with supplemental materials *vocabulary picture and word cards with suggested uses *Graphic organizer (feels, sounds, looks) for each voice level. Since I like to do this as a whole group, I've also include pieces you can cut and tape onto a chart paper. *Voice Level Booklet- Write and draw version or draw/ graphic organizer type response. *2 voice level charts (slightly different language) full page and quarter page versions.

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