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Kindergarten Write the Room Math Bundle *New

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Value of Included Components: $24.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE: $12.00

Have low prep write the room math stations to meet kindergarten standards at your fingertips all year long with this bundle! It includes 12 ready made resources to count, represent quantities, add, count, compare and subtract! Get your students up and moving by hanging the cards for each skill around the classroom, or place them in a task card station.

Includes Write the Room Centers with Task Cards & Recording Sheets for:

*Counting to 5

*Counting and Number Words to 10

*Counting to 20

*Counting to 100

*Representing Quantities to 20 (10 frame option)

*Addition to 5

*Subtraction Within 5

*Addition to 10 Write the Room (Equations & Number Line)

*Addition to 10 Write the Room (Pictures & Draw to Represent Equations

*Subtraction Within 10

*Comparing Quantities to 10

*Teen Numbers

Please check out the preview to see more about each of the included parts!

*Note: Some of the included components are also included in my First Grade Write the Room Math Bundle

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